Iron and Steel Industry & Steel Plants

Steel plants, forging plants, foundries and iron and steel manufacturers in general are undoubtedly the most challenging sector for Votex Bison Electric 4 way sideloaders. This is the sector where Votex Bison  electric 4 way sideloaders reach their utmost by offering customers who choose them endless environmental and economic benefits, as well as advantages in terms of space and reliability. You can now effortlessly handle coils, raw materials and finished products with electric vehicles whilst ensuring over time protection for the environment, considerable savings and, in most cases, also the chance to move in the same spaces with very compact electric 4 way sideloaders Votex Bison machines.

Votex Bison has designed different solutions for its customers by creating vehicles fitted with plates, uprights and dedicated equipment for every kind of use: a “tailor-made garment” for indoor work in confined spaces requiring great stability. In this kind of sector where the weights that need moving are ever growing (along with the size of the goods handled) and which yet requires an increasingly Eco-friendly approach, Votex Bison electric 4 way sideloaders are becoming increasingly popular. They allow for handling that does not affect the assembly chain and reduces maintenance costs over time to a minimum.