Information about the Covid-19 virus

Which measures Votex Bison uses to secure its business operations and what our customers need to know now.

The fast spread of the Covid-19 pandemic presents a major challenge to all of us. As part of our trustful partnership, we would like to inform you with this letter about the actions we have taken to safeguard our business activities and protect the health of our customers, employees and business partners.

Does Votex Bison continue to attend customer appointments?

We will continue to provide our customers and partners with the best possible support and be available for them whenever they need us. We will prefer to handle our consultations via digital communication channels in order to reduce direct physical contact as far as possible (in line with the recommendations of the renowned health organisations). Video conferences in particular are a suitable tool for us to maintain a personal, effective and goal-oriented contact with you. Personal meetings of employees, customers and partners are avoided or postponed whenever possible. If this is not feasible, they are held in compliance with the respective legal regulations and recommendations of the renowned health institutes.

What internal measures have been taken to protect the workforce and maintain the business?

Votex Bison has reacted quickly, decisively and comprehensively to the spread of Covid-19. Starting with a broad communication activities concerning hygiene and rules for personal contact with colleagues (based on recommendations from prominent health organisations such as the WHO), to establishing central and local crisis management teams, to instructing employees to work from home office wherever possible as well as avoiding face-to-face meetings, we are doing everything in our power to protect our employees, customers and business partners and to safeguard our business.

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