Votex Bison is building for over several decades successful material handling machines for special and very heavy applications.

Our product range reaches from 4-way side loaders, electric pallet trucks to custom made vehicles. The solution always fits.

Saving space is hot. That’s one of the main reasons why our Votex-Bison machines appear more and more in warehouses or for material handling outside. And with a minimum required space, it can travel loads up to 40 tons. Even very smooth floors or uneven surfaces outside, it’s no match for our 4-way side loaders.

Our powerful pallet trucks or custom made vehicles can also travel loads even up to 40 tons. And beside reducing space, our machines are fully electric powered what creates another reduction in costs. No situation is that extreme that we can’t handle the materials.

Thanks to our decades of experience we know exactly what material handling is all about: ease is use, power and reliability. For ease we listen to our customers very accurately to choose our products and systems for maximum understanding and reliability. Like using a touch screen and custom made joystick to move and control the machine. The power and quality of the machines rests on the unique and robust design fully made by our high-class employees in our own factory in Heeze, the Netherlands. And finally the reliability follows by choosing the top class technique, building modular, choosing maintenance free components and deliver an excellent spare parts service.

And finally our organization rests on the idea of power and thoroughness. Votex-Bison is a member of the Votex Bison Material Handling B.V. and by short we fully substantiated can say that Votex-Bison is:

The power of perfection.