Mobile Safety System

Mobile Safety System

To avoid collision in a safer way extra sensors can be mounted on the frame. When an object is detected in the sensor area the machine will automatically put to a stop.

The scanner is based on laser-technology where a beam is transmitted and reflected by an object. A distance can be measured and a safety zone is guaranteed.

Safety side loader Votex-Bison

Features of PSA-S:

  • recognition of driving direction.
  • automatic deactivation when out of aisle
  • programmable protective field r = 6.5 m at 180°
  • programmable warning field r = 15 m at 180°
  • automatic slowdown when warning field is active
  • automatic stop when protective field is active manual override (slowest velocity enabled)
  • optical feedback for warning/ protective field activation

  The  mobile safety system PSA-S is available in level 2 and 3 (acc. DIN EN 954-1).