2131806 Votex Bison Traffic V5004



Technical condition: OK
Visual condition: OK
Tyres drive: Vulkollan (95%)
Tyres load: Vulkollan (95%)
Battery: 80V x 775Ah
Charger: OK
Price excl. VAT: € 25.000,00
Subject to prior sale:
Payment: Direct for delivery
Delivery (ca.): 6-7 W
Company: SIA Hydromatic
Contact: Rolands Pankar
Street: Celtnieku Street 1
Zipcode: LV-2123
Town: Kekava (Riga)
Country: Letland
Phone: +371 26950850
E-mail: rolands.pankars@hydromatic.lv
Homepage: https://www.hydromatic.lv
In december 2018, full maintenance has been done – oil, oil filters, greases. In the last year we were replaced – electric motors, electric motor for hydraulic pump, the Siemens CPU controller with softwear, hydraulic pump and the PowerPack control unit for hydraulic pump.
Manufacturer: Votex Bison
Model: Traffic V5004
Machinenumber: 2131806
Capacity: 5000 kg @ 1050  mm HH 5000 mm

4600 kg @ 1050 mm HH 5500 mm

4300 kg @ 1050 mm HH 6000 mm

3900 kg @ 1050 mm HH 6450 mm

Year: 2003
Running hours: Ca. 18000
Drive unit: E
Add. Equipment:
Attachment notes:
Mast type: TRIPLEX
Collapsed Height (H1): Ca. 4200 mm
Free lift (H2): Ca. 2850 mm
Lift height (H3): Ca. 6500 mm
Extended Height(H4): Ca. 7850 mm
Forks: L 2050 B 180 D 60
Fork carriage: TYPE III L=3600 mm