BISON four-way electric side loader / AC-technology

Frame and drive:
The four-way electric side loader consists of a robust U-shaped frame, a heavy duty mast with high quality profile steel and a four-wheel drive of two motors in upright position for propulsion and two sets of manoeuvrable load wheels. An automatic level control on the load wheels assures a perfect grip, also on uneven surface. This shock absorbing power bag system ensures optimal suspension, and prevents excessive wearing of the wheels.

AC Technology combines excellent performance and an efficient electrical braking system, reclaiming energy. Coming to a stop, the parking brakes automatically come into effect. This optimises the handling of the side loader and its positioning.

A maintenance free AC motor drives the hydraulic pump, the oil flow is continuously adjusted to the required power demand. All functions can be operated simultaneously. This volume controls minimises energy consumption and optimises user convenience. The proportional operating joystick is ergonomically designed and guarantees a smooth and shock free handling.

Cabin and controls:
A spacious ergonomically driver cabin is provided with an organized instrument panel. A touch screen simply visualizes handling of the following pre set programs of driving: drive by, crosswise, diagonal, left, right and circular motion. Directions can also be chosen by means of a lever next to the steering wheel. Next to a wheel direction indicator, the display informs about battery level, operating time, malfunctions and service intervals.

Manufacturing and maintenance:
The optimal design of the machine ensures easy maintenance, using standard components of worldwide wellknown brands. Surface treatment and safety level make the application of the side loader both indoors and outdoors, depending on the condition of the floor and choice of the wheels.

Safety precautions:
The side loader complies with Euro norm / CE-rules and NEN / DIN regulations.
Control management ensures maximum safety and optimal use.
Adjustments to the side loader in relation to the above-mentioned regulations do not discharge responsible authorities and / or persons of making mandatory and adequate safety precautions. Adjustments are to be examined by proper authorities or labour inspection. Complimentary regulations / demands and examination costs are not included.

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Motorcapacity: 4x 6,5 AC
Driven wheels: 8 / 4
Framewidth: VB(1780) + NB
Framelength: RA + 2400
Loadcapacity: 15000 / 950
Max. liftingheight: 12000
Max. gradient: 5 / 10 %
Turning radius: Minimal
Max. weight: 19T
Battery: 80V 1860Ah
Motorcapacity: 4x 6,5 AC
Driven wheels: 8 / 4
Framewidth: NB + VB (1300)
Framelength: 4000 mm
Loadcapacity: 8000 / 1000
Max. liftingheight: 8000
Max. gradient: 8 / 11 %
Turning radius: minimaal
Max. weight: 15T
Battery: Min. 80V 930Ah
Motorcapacity: 2x 5,5 AC
Driven wheels: 6 / 2
Framewidth: VB 950/1200+NB
Framelength: Min. 3200 mm
Loadcapacity: 12000 / 600
Max. liftingheight: 12000
Max. gradient: 5 / 8 %
Turning radius: minimaal
Max. weight: 10T
Battery: Min. 80V 775Ah
Motorcapacity: 4x 5,5 AC
Driven wheels: 12 / 4
Framewidth: VB(1780) +NB
Framelength: vanaf 4400 mm
Loadcapacity: 20000 / 600
Max. liftingheight: 12000
Max. gradient: 7/11 %
Turning radius: minimaal
Max. weight: 20T
Battery: 80V 1860Ah