Just as its name indicates, the Allround is extremely flexible in its deployment, and is quite rightly the jack of all trades within Votex-Bison’s range of 4-way electric sideloaders. Its large rubber or Vulkollan wheels provide extra ground clearance for use on uneven terrain or driving over ramps. Thanks to its powerful 80V AC drive system the Allround is suitable for loads up to 6,0 tons.

Like the other sideloader models, the Allround is exceptionally manoeuvrable thanks to its 4-way steering. The operator can change driving direction and operating mode simply through pre-programmed settings. Indoors or outdoors? The Allround is the ideal truck for transporting long goods within a minimum aisle width.

The driver takes precedence with Votex-Bison. With maximum cabin space, convenient and ergonomic controls and an informative display, he will always feel secure in his work. Quality through conviction, that is Votex-Bison. The power of perfection!