Votex Bison STAMPEDE the Electric four-way side loader for outdoor applications.

Votex-Bison can boast on over 25 years of experience in engineering and constructing electrical 4-way side loaders, tiller trucks and customer specific trucks as specials for internal material handling.

Researching the market, Votex-Bison started engineering the STAMPEDE version for outdoor use.

Large profiled rubber tyres, 660mm traction wheels and 457mm load wheels, which provides an enormous floor clearance. Advanced adjustment on uneven grounds for smooth comfort use. Target, however is, absorbing shocks for low costs on maintenance, less vibrations to avoid repair/loss of runtime.

The floor adjustment (suspension) is a solid construction of hydraulics. Only the axes are adapting to the ground to avoid shocks on the products transported and not to forget the driver.

Votex Bison STAMPEDE is supplied and equipped with 80 Volt AC technology. Resulting in torque, as well as smooth displacement of the load. The steering is unique, application specific and showed it’s identification in practice. Ramp driving without losing speed control under heavy load is standard.

The maintenance free solid state AC traction engines in combination with the super elastic big tires.

Battery with capacity up to 1240 Ah are available to increase working endurance.

Electronic multi-directional steering system for 4-wheel side loaders, steering patterns with electronic driver display.
Electronically programmable preselection of the travelling direction.

The one piece steady frame, easy to service construction in combination with rational use of energy, makes this 4-way side loader solution very attractive.
Try to drive a high capacity Votex-Bison you will have, from the start, a pleasant feeling of safety, which ensured by perfect stability and Power of Votex-Bison solutions.