Security systems

Mobile Personnel Protection Votex Bison

The standard for controlled warehouse operation

The personnel protection system Votex Bison, is the most commonly used personnel protection system. With a laser scanner in each of the load and drive directions, the entire width of the narrow aisle is fully and driving direction-dependantly monitored.nThe central microprocessor-controlled evaluation electronics manage the two laser scanners and the other components of the personnel protection system. It is the intelligent and secure logic for the integration of the protection functions in to the vehicle control. On the detection of a person or an object the vehicle is brought to a standstill.

Extensive optional functions turn the personnel protection system into a multi-functional safety packet.

  • Aisle end protection
  • Collision protection outside the narrow aisle
  • Comfort travel to the end of the aisle
  • Fullstop at the end of a cul-de-sac
  • Position stop within the narrow aisle
  • Speed-dependant protection field adaptation